vrijdag 8 juni 2012

Some pictures of me :)

Everything is made with my Canon EOS 60D.
Special thanks to Roy for making some pictures!

donderdag 7 juni 2012

A photograph is more than just
A gift to bring or send.
And more than just the likeness of
A relative or friend.

It is a kindly greeting and
A memory to hold.
Of happy times and pleasant things.
However new or old.

It is a mirror that reflects
Companionship and cheer.
And now and then the wistfulness
That turns into a tear.

A photograph is something to
Adorn a desk or wall.
Or carry in a pocket and
Display to one and all.

It is a faithful portrait
The smile that friendship shares
To add its sunshine and to show
That someone really cares.
A video, made with my Canon EOS 60D.
It's a song about not being ignored anymore.
A girl who is done that she's getting ignored and try to tell everybody that she also
exist on this planet and that she's a great artist!
Camp Rock - Here I am
My new Vans :)

My favourite drink, Arizona Green Tea!
Do you love Arizona Iced Tea?



my name is Bo and I'm a 15-year old photographer.
I love to make pictures of things from my life.
My professional pictures are made with a Canon EOS 60D.
I use my iPhone 4S when I'm outside.

I live in a little town in the Netherlands, near Rotterdam.
I'm on High School and I'm currently studying ICT.
I'm going to study Technology and Commerce next year, where I will to edit photo's and create products. It's a good preparation of what I wanna do after High School.
I wanna study Audiovisual Production. Where I'll learn Photography, Video-editing and Filming. Something that I wanna do in the future.
I love camera's and editing. And I think photography is a good method to share my life and interests.
I hope you like my photo's. 
And yes, I also own a Instagram account, you can follow me if you want! My username is 'Bokado'


Bo <3

 This is me by the way :)